A printable version of this contract can be bound here: Grazing Contract


 Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue 



1. Donkey Rescue intends to pasture donkeys on property located at 

2. The initial number of donkeys is expected to be 

3. Donkey Rescue will pay $ 15.00 per donkey, per month. 

4. For donkeys on hand for less than a month, the fee is $0.50 per head per day. 

5. The subsequent grass lease payments should be made on or before the first of each month. The lease payment is to be made near the first of the grazing period, rather than at the end. 

6. Donkeys are expected to begin arriving 

7. Lessor will supply fresh, clean water for the donkeys. 

8. Lessor will be responsible to provide trace mineral blocks as needed and submit the receipts for reimbursement. 

9. Lessor will maintain pasture fences to keep the donkeys confined to their assigned pasture. If the donkeys somehow escape, Lessor will be responsible for the round-up of the donkeys. 

10. Donkey Rescue assumes responsibility for the health and well-being of the donkeys. Lessor is not responsible for the health or well-being of the donkeys, except for furnishing them with water. Lessor should contact PVDR immediately if they find a dead donkey or a suspected illness. 

11. Any medicine or veterinary services for the donkeys are 100% the responsibility of Donkey Rescue. 

12. To the best of his knowledge, Lessor affirms that the pastureland is safe for donkeys. There are no open oil pits or other dangerous hazards. 

13. PVDR will have a representative inspect the donkeys. PVDR will / will not need to seek permission to gain access. Access code (if applicable) is: 

14. Both parties enter this agreement in good faith. Both sides are hopeful of a successful venture that will last a long time. However, if unanticipated problems arise, either party can terminate this agreement with two weeks’ notice to the other party. 

15. Supplemental hay is the responsibility of the lessor. Grazing numbers can be reduced during colder months. 


This is our agreement. We have affixed our signatures below. 

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Mark S. Meyers, Executive Director Date 

___________________________________________________ __________________________ 


Contract Administrator: Mark Meyers 325-276-1662 Grazing Manager: Zac Williams 325-276-1676 

Please sketch a layout of the pasturage facilities on the back of this contract.