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The Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue provides rescue and rehabilitation services to donkeys  suffering from abuse, neglect and abandonment throughout the United States.  PVDR has a network of rescue professionals stretching from Coast to Coast and Border to Border.  Our main facility is located in San Angelo, TX on a 172 acre ranch.


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Check out the website for PeacefulValley Donkey Rescue.
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Windy and cold as crap here today and tomorrow bring on Summer Please!!!!!!! Poor guys working on our new office building, I feel bad for them but so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, for us, can’t wait until we can move in!!!!
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Check out the website for PeacefulValley Donkey Rescue.
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Are you open for visits like Tehachapi was?
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Where is the rescue located in Missouri?
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A Wealth of Knowledge for those that love their donkeys!!!!
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Hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season, Thanks to all for your support in 2013!!! Have a great New Year!!!
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Words can’t express my happiness. My two newly adopted donkeys are coming home today. Many thanks to Sandi W. In Clermont Florida for making this the best Christmas.
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Check out the website for PeacefulValley Donkey Rescue.
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Check out the website for PeacefulValley Donkey Rescue.
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Are any adoption centers near South Jersey? I have a small farm with a front paddock more than an acre occupied by two goats. I also have 14 alpacas in an adjoining paddock.
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Want to adopt 2 mini jennets in san diego county or vicinity … can you direct us?
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Shirley go to the resources tab on web site in the drop down menu is an adoption option click there, should have all the info you need.
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I want to find out specifics on donkey adoptions how do I write you and get answers and see pids?
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Getting ready for the cold weather that is scheduled to hit us tomorrow night through sat. If I haven’t said it recently I HATE COLD!!!!!!
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like Peggy’s comment – pictures and stories
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more pictures
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